Monday, September 7, 2009


It's been ages I know, but very soon I will have a huuuuuuuuuuuuge release of new designs; a show at Patch Auditorium; and lots more to share. So apologies for the long delay while I've been setting up shop and designing like a crazy woman.
and Happy shopping.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Designing at last!


I think I always knew I would begin designing sooner or later, but at first building anything in SL intimidated me. However I was hooked on designing textures, and inevitably I wanted to have my textures on something I had designed. So, slowly, very very slowly, I began to buy templates and place my textures on them. If you are just beginning to design, don’t be afraid to buy some of the cheaper templates, they will teach you a great deal. Later, as you become more comfortable with layers and the pen tool, they can be altered. And when you develop even more confidence, then you can begin to design your own from scratch.

Coming to grips with alpha layers is essential if you want delicacy and drama. If it isn’t obvious :) I LOVE lace. Alpha lace layers can add delicacy to a flamboyant outfit, and softness to an already delicate design.

Being able to draw my own glitch pants and system skirts has made a significant difference to my designing. Now I can place my textures where I want them to be, instead of having them stretched out of shape … YAY!!!!!!!

However I didn’t start that way. I am indebted to those designers who have made available design templates of excellence with tutorials included, along with generous bloggers (Natalie Zelmanov springs to mind) :), who have made my journey much easier. Oh! and how could I forget Torley. Who doesn’t know Torley? Natalie and Torley have to be two of the most generous bloggers and educators of SL.

Getting back to templates - Really well made templates are not ‘cheap’, but they are worth it if you are serious about designing in SL. If you are already a graphic artist/expert, then you can probably start drawing your own design templates from the word ‘go’. The rest of us though, need a starting point.

I had so many questions when I began. What was it about design-A that was so much more exciting than design-B? How was it that skirt moved more fluidly than others? What exactly constituted a ‘panel’ in a skirt anyway? Now, I’m even playing with sculpties (gulp!). And what a challenge they are. But… nothing ventured … And btw, take note of ‘attachment points’ when you are putting on that favourite item in your inventory. I’ve had some hilarious disasters when attaching something to a point that seemed perfectly sensible to me, only to find that in SL it just didn’t work that way :). (Of course this is for those just beginning. Old hands will be laughing right about now.)

I’m also indebted to the designers whose clothing I have purchased. Looking at their amazing creativity and how they have overcome the limits of SL designing has taught me a great deal.In that respect SL is no different to RL. If you want to learn how to do something well, you have to put in the time, and I’ve still got a long way to go.

For now my designs are not for sale. I’m still learning. But that’s for now. I want to see if I can develop my skills sufficiently to be able to release new items regularly, and produce items of quality, and I’m not there yet. But I do have some original outfits to wear and that’s got to be worth something.

I toyed with the idea of calling my designs TexTal (ie Textures and Talia) but it just doesn't have the pizazz I would like. Care to suggest something?

PS: I think the hardest thing to deal with when building prim skirts is floppy upside down prims :)) esp if it's 2am and you just don't want to give up till you get it right. Oh well... call me OCD but I hate leaving things half finished.

Cya and happy shopping.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Talia's Style - NEW NEW NEW

Some weeks are so full it makes my head spin.
Monica Outlander's new sim opened with a bang. Erm......and a crash, and - no surprise - lag. But despite all that the party was fantastic and so were the designs. Another SL creative, Monica designs skin, hair, and full outfits for those who want to immerse themselves in some RP. But if you're less RP inclined and love the casual, the flirty or the downright sexy, she has all that too. I'll bring more pics to you at a later date. :)
The pic introducing this page is Monica's EXMACHINA.

Micah Kanto (Modern Gypsy) has re-released his Noir range, and I couldn't resist this one (Grace Couture). The sculpted collar perfectly compliments the scalloped hemline and is finished off with an attractive silver buckled belt. [Pic 2]

Oh but why stop there?

This week saw Velvetori Twine's introduction to the modelling world of SL with her first ever show at Bogart's. Keep your eye on this designer, she's going places and fast. Her designs vary from floaty and feminine, to raunchy. Textures are rich with colour and intricate detail, and there's a definite flavour of India. Some of the designs seen here are yet to be released, but that's a breath away :). and

Pic 3 is Vel's Brite Belissa set in a gorgeous mix of hot colours on a texture that moves and feels like the finest spun silk.
Pics 4 & 5 Queen Watanabe of Bogarts is wearing the gold logic set that had us all speechless. I have on Shabby Chocolate..... yummmm.

Pic 6 is Vel and I fooling around and taking pics of more of her delish designs.
I'm wearing Goddess in white, and Vel is wearing Logie Red set.
Pic 7 Vel has on Native Leathers, and I'm wearing Fringe Dress Combo and
Pic 8 is a taste of her swimwear range thus far ... Zebra one piece or bikini, and Michy one piece

Plenty to keep you busy and shopping happily for a while. Cya next time.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I have these moments when I want something particular and no idea where to get it. Almost always it's accessories. The kind that will turn a pleasant outfit into something fresh, or a stunning outfit into an exceptional one. Finding Tekeli-li was sheer delight. His colour changing, glow on/off, out of the ordinary, and beautifully crafted jewellery caught and held my attention from the moment I saw the displays.
However, his talents don't stop with jewellery. There are full avatars complete with costume and matching jewellery; highly ornamented and decorated hair (some are scripted to move O.O [pic2]); and weapons for those into RP.

Pic1 is Tekeli's newest release - Circe. She's an interesting mythological character who could attract beasts and call the moon. []

Pic2 Is the Dacon hairstyle that 'moves', a bit like snakes, except this has tentacles and rightly belongs with the avatar Tekeli created. But hey! You already know how I love to mix and match, so I blended this one with Tyr Rozenblum's outfit [Prize] - The skin, if you haven't guessed is Lion Jonesford skin from the SU Forbidden range.[]

NP NP NP : Watch out for the new releases and a whole new look to LION SKIN'S STORE.

Pic3 is just what I was looking for - an ethnic flavour with a distinctly African touch. It's not just the gems on the jewellery that change, but also the metals, and the choices are many. I put this one together with a Pulse skin, and hair from shiloh Jun [] - fantastic ethnic hair, jewellry and skins. Pulse skin - Climax, in the darkest tones.

Pic 4-Plasma is very striking with glow on, and the colours really come alive.

Pic 5 is a personal favourite, Nautilus. The detail on all of Teke's jewellery stands up to close closeups. Tekeli knows how to design to capture the avid lens of SL photographers.

Lastly, I couldn't leave out an avatar, a speciality of Tekeli's. This is one of his Deep Ones, and angelfish in reddish tones with spectacular fins and an AO to complete the look, allowing you to move through water gracefully and easily.

So go take a look and don't forget you can also find me at BOSL :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Talia's StyleFile - Elegance

If you haven't already discovered the Italian designers, where have you been? So many to choose from, but my top favs are Anubis Hartunian [Anubis], Elettra Gausman [*OC* ORAGE Creations], Patrizia Blessed [*PB collection*], Amanda Bolero [BOLERO COLLECTION MAIN & Shouted Couture], Chianera Cioc [CCC - Chianera Cioc Couture], Brenda Clellon [BEST OF ITALIAN STYLE], and of course ziamela Loon [Jador and also Shouted Couture], to name a few :). And don't worry, there will be other blogs and other Italian designers...I'm crazy about Italian designs.

This feature is on Anubis Hartunian of Anubis Style. Smart, elegant, sexy and sassy, she is style with an S-T-Y-L-E!

But before we dive into the fashions, a VERY SPECIAL MENTION goes to DCNY and Dawn Memorial and Dave Casanova for the lovely skin I am wearing. Lelah Dark Tan was released specially for the Maseno walk at Callie Cline's place and I was proud and delighted to wear it. Thank you.

1. is Sandra, complete with sunglasses that do not remove the eyelashes :)) I added the cutest silver shoes by rei2 Aya [R2 fashion main store] and a cheeky hairstyle by Helena Stringer [Stringer HQ's: Mausoleum ].

A note on Helena's "Mausoleum" - this store is worth a visit. Besides fun and high fashion, this is one very generous designer. You can pick up some fun freebies or so low priced they might as well be free, and they're mod, so whooooooopee! you can play with them :) I'm yours Helena. I love MOD.

Coco (2) is ELEGANCE ++++ and deserves delicate treatment, but not so delicate that the accessories fail to highlight this beautiful and utterly feminine design. The jewellry is Cora Lu's [Paper Couture] etched gold necklace set - elegant and stunning and a statement in itself, a marriage made in heaven between this dress and PC's jewellry. The 'booties' are once again from R2 and aren't they a delicious find? I had to drag myself out of that store. Hair is Quinn in gold by Sheltered Heart [House of Heart Designs]. Not normally a colour choice I would go for, but it had the 'glamour' of the old Hollywood movies I was looking for - ever watched those? I used to stay up late and watch reruns and pour over collected pics of Hollywood stars in the days when Glamour was everything and if you didn't have it, you just weren't 'in'. The back of this hairstyle is beautifully styled and those loose wispy bits really fit with the femininity of the lace of Anubis's Coco.

And now to play :) and making the most of an outfit.
Pic 3 is a combination of the skirt from Coco, and a freebie top of Anubis', found in one of the many treasure hunts SL loves to run. Now I don't know about you, but if I find a 'freebie' of quality and I haven't already been to that store, I'm there in a flash. I want more! This stylish red top adds a splash of drama and colour so I set it off with Stiletto Moody's Pinup Spike Red Tartan......mmmm.

Part of the delight of Coco is that the skirt under the lacey overlay, is a practical 'little black skirt' in itself, and don't we all need one of those in the inventory? Oh and btw (whispers) take a look at the undergarments closely sometime, they're a very nice surprise. Love that attention to detail Anubis :))

So where to buy all these yummy goodies? Read on.
Pic 1
Anubis Style -
Hair, Stringer's Mausoleum -
Shoes - R2 Akami, silver -
Pic 2
as above Anubis Style [Coco] and R2 [shoes, Nani gold]
Hair,Quinn, House of Heart -
Jewellry [Etched Gold Necklace set] - Paper Couture -
Pic 3
as above for HOH hair, PC jewellry, and the tartan shoes, at Stiletto Moody's -

SKIN; Laleh, DCNY -
Happy shopping


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